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#go ahead and unfollow me if this bothers you by seeing it on the dash.#but i see other people posting their drama and nobody complains so#i should be able to do that too.#do not click read more if drama bothers you.#this will be the only time drama is posted on this blog#as i've ignored it since now.#i tried v hard to make this calm and easy because i'm not angry?#i'm just surprised this is still going on after so long so#i thought it should stop#or i should at least try to stop it you know?#negative tw#drama tw#ange says something tbqh#also hover over the links to see what is said as well as click the link to the blog i'm talking about#if you want.#lunaeterea

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ruttnande whispered:
hello king fuckboy. are you prepared for the skeleton war

          of course

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            What a change in behavior from him so that when he reaches to pour another glass, a hand is outstretched ( lightly placed upon his own ) to beckon that he stop… for now.

                                “Slow down, Sōsuke! Haven’t you had enough?”

                    “—ah, my apologies; i’ve forgotten to share with you, haven’t i?”

          it was only once in a while that he indulged in such luxury, for he did enjoy the taste of ( rare ) and expensive wine upon his tongue—— and tonight was the first in years; so of course he would take the time to savor it all. he was, after all, the type to sate himself with more than one pleasure. 

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          he may or may not be a little tipsy; and he may or may not be a little bit more than just that. it’s a mystery of course, but not really. 

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xkiritsu whispered:
stares down at

                    “—and who might you be?” 

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          Just a reminder that I am single-ship with kiraahachi, in case you’ve forgotten. Being harassed for a ship isn’t exactly what I love. ^^ 

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          The tighter grip, no doubt meant to comfort, sates only the need to draw close to
him. She can feel the chill ( as influenza ) run along diaphoretic flesh, grasping his well-
being to overturn it. She dare not touch his chest in fear of what may cause him pain,  
but her face becomes buried between neck and shoulder, that she might stave off
reality a minute longer.

         Oh how unwise, for she was capable to assist— he had been gripped by pangs of
distress in her presence before; an ailment should be simple. And for the fact that she
had read, during their duration in this world, that fruit was wholesome her lips would
purse ( not in disregard of the fact they certainly weren’t human, nor were they affected
human maladies; but, to soothe whilst she pondered the appropriate means of

                         ”——I think there is an orange in the kitchen.
                                 Would you like me to get it for you?”



          his baritone was lighter, ( only by a little ), and he would shift ever so slightly to bring her upon his front, his back touching the velvet color of the bed. the strikes of pain from his chest were familiar—— common as they were frequent; but they would be ignored, and he would bring his arms around her with his hands innocently slipping beneath the back of her clothing. tips of long fingers traced patterns along soft skin, incoherent patterns—— unintentionally gathering whatever warmth she possesses whilst somehow leaving some for herself. truth be told, he was not trying to take away the heat on her body; he sought comfort, and that was all—— so he would press his cheek against her neck and close his eyes halfway, mouth almost lowering into a small frown.

          a sigh left him and he relaxed, tense ( & cold ) muscles shivering momentarily before they too, would relax. what was it, he thought as his hands stopped their movements—— this sickness? of course, without having caught such a thing before he had to wonder with slight curiosity, if only to keep his mind from uncontrollable panic ( for what was embedded in his chest still reins and could easily take over ). alas, however terrible it was, there was no need to think of it for long. he was, after all, immortal; and one with such a fate eventually learned not to think of ( potential ) ways of death, should his sickness be something akin to that — in which he at least knew it wasn’t. besides, it didn’t matter otherwise.  

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#kiraahachi#he's kind of being cute#can you just imagine him being a cuddling grump because he's sick lmao#also i hate my writing its so shitty all of a sudden these past few months

sin·ful /ˈsinfəl/

    { adj. }

  1. wicked and immoral; committing or characterized by the committing of sins.
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sex / love / romance blog 


sex / love / romance blog 

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